I don’t exactly remember when I decided to master making hummus, but I do remember the feeling when I realized how EASY it was to make – and how I should always have hummus in the house.

Since then, I’ve gotten creative with the ingredients…

This hummus was made with peppers grown from seeds provided by the Hey Let’s Grow blogging program sponsored by Monsanto Company.

This variety is called “Tricked Ya.” They look just like jalapenos, but don’t carry the same heat. Hardy little buggers, these peppers have a great flavor – and I’ve found – a decent shelf life after being picked.

And what I mean by that is they maintain their integrity, freshness…they don’t decompose quickly. They’re patiently waiting for me in pristine condition as I figure out what I want to do with them…

Okay…I don’t always have hummus in the house, but I do have it often.

And those who know me well, know that it’s kind of one of “my” things…along with chocolate chip cookies and holiday biscotti. I am a proud hummus maker – and ready to bring any rendition of my recipe to whatever event you’re planning.

And these days, I will most likely bring a bag of pork rinds with me.

Because, oh my god – it’s my new guilty pleasure.


Who needs pita chips when you can have pork skin fried within an inch of its life?!

Okay, fine. It’s not the healthiest option. I often have cucumbers and carrots along with…but y’all – pork rinds is where it’s at!

No carbs.
High in protein.
Total #yummygoodness.

And most recently – to have my cake AND EAT IT TOO – I took some peppers from my last harvest and seared them in leftover bacon grease before adding them to my food processor along with my other hummus ingredients.


Imagine all sorts of heavenly richness in your mouth.

People – well, those who know I practice intermittent fasting – often ask me if I diet on my Eat Days.

The answer is a definite no.

I eat a lot of food. Some healthy; and some junk.

I don’t do a whole lot of processed foods. I’d prefer to get my ingredients fresh – or canned, in the case of garbanzo beans and olives – and process them myself.

I’m not super-strict about any of this…my Eat Days come and go, and I eat what’s in the house, what I have time to prepare, what my mom and dad have shared with me from their leftovers (yep, we’re that kind of family), but that tends to be true about who I am in general.

Not super-strict. Kinda go with the flow.

Just like my hummus recipe…

Whatever happens to be in the house; whatever sounds good on that day.

I think food prep is one of the best kinds of adventure, if you’re open to testing out new flavors and combinations.

And pork rinds dipped in hummus that includes peppers seared in bacon grease…well, that’s just the richest kind of adventure.

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