Plethora Point Virtual Co-Working

What is virtual co-working?

Here’s a story: A friend of mine told me she was logging into virtual co-working spaces with different groups and loved it.  And I was like … WHAT?! I was not feeling it. And I didn’t think it would work for me: too many other people impacting my “get it done” energy; wanting to chat when I just wanted to get work done. And then (because life offers experiences), I found a group of women who’s dedication to the TO DO list was unquestionable. And they offered a virtual co-working session and I tried it … AND I LOVED IT!

And with that happy experience under my belt and with an interest to test it out with my other connections, who are building awesome creative things and have interest in tapping into a group with shared energy and intention, I’ve been hosting virtual co-working sessions via Zoom. Some benefits to virtual co-working include accountability, community and sharing time/space with other GET -ISH done type individuals.

Co-Working Schedule

Are you building awesome things and think/feel you may be able to benefit from a virtual co-working session to leverage the accountability and community provided by other creative minds? Sign up. Get the schedule. Log in when you can. Get your -ish done.

Let's Connect on LinkedIn

I love connecting with like-minded individuals. Are you always learning? Are you building awesome things? Are you active in the opportunities life offers to give back to others? Let’s expand our networks by connecting on LinkedIn.

Join the Plethora Point Community

Plethora Point is a place where we can come together and enjoy all the beautiful facets of life. It’s a place where encouragement and love is woven through every post and every exchange. It’s a place that celebrates creativity and believes in best possible outcomes! If that sounds like a place you want to be, join us! At the moment, we’re growing within a Facebook Group.

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