I can feel it creeping in…the paranoia, a dark-cloudy hysteria.
And I’m fighting it back for all I’m worth…

Like the pain that creeps into my joints when the storms roll in, I feel the fear seeping into my mindspace.

And I really, really…
– am fighting for peace.


A word that I can’t help but think is more of a verb than a noun.

Life’s storms have a way of helping us reframe, reset; force us to see our existence from a new perspective.

What really matters?

If everything gets wiped out, what still stands?

How do I stand?

When the foundation is littered with junk, with distractions; when its chinks are filled with fear; when what you think is solid as stone is really just a house of cards…

How do you keep sure footing?

Some storms are threats, a puff of unexpected air in your face; other storms leave your life obliterated, shattered dreams in rubbles, marred in the mud…

…and wondering, is there ever even going back to the life you knew?

Building peace.
A strong foundation.
Hard. Solid. Durable.
Maintaining it with a stalwart effort.

Because, if I should be loyal to anything, it ought to be building, curating and managing a life that matters.

A life full of value that offers value to others.
A life full of light+love.

A life that is more than just a house of cards, blown over time and time again…that requires me to rebuild over and over again.

Building with peace.

That’s what I am asking for today, power and concentration to make my effort matter in a way that provides lasting value (and not buying into the fear, the paranoia, the hysteria that offers a flimsy, weak future).