The more I open my heart, the more I’m being challenged with situations where I have to decide to tackle and embrace, or let go.

The letting go is the hardest part.

But I also understand that my heart wasn’t meant for all the battles. It’s designed for a specific set of skills. Being in all the battles means that I’m 1.) using up my resources in areas that I’m not designed or developed for and 2.) absent from the fights that would most benefit from my effort.

Maybe, that’s why I’m so tired all the time.
But the letting go is the hardest part.

Truly, it’s harder…until the bill comes due for all the output that’s been plunked down.

You can ignore the cost for a while, work harder, be bigger, expand, spread thin…I have ignored the cost, but the bill comes due.

But I hate heartbreak.


And I certainly don’t plan it, but I think that in my choices to respond to life with flexibility, I haven’t always looked to the plan, haven’t always asked WHY, haven’t always kept my eyes on You.

There’s a finish line, and my plan is to be there with as much good – as much light and love – as I can muster.

But the heartbreaks and the past due bills aren’t helping…

Keep my eyes set on the goal.
Help me keep my feet on the path.

When the quiet voice inside speaks, help me listen…and act!