We ask for all the good things today.

We ask for our path to be set with delight at every turn.

We acknowledge the bazillion little and big things that unfolded “just so” to make today’s trip possible. We honor it. We’re thankful for it – for all the people who had to make decisions one way or another, and for how those decisions impacted us.

We ask for open eyes to see the beauty that is ahead.

We ask for patience and understanding when something seems to be out of sorts.

We ask for wisdom and discernment to make the best choices possible.

We ask for safety.

We ask that others around us will be safe.

We ask to make smart decisions.

We ask that others around us will also make smart decisions.

With every turn, we will focus on thankfulness.

Because we trust that all the good things are headed our way. And while good things aren’t always “perfect,” we trust that we’ll also learn the lessons that this experience is meant to teach.