How’s your dad?

A simple question…
With…not a simple answer.

And while I’m assuming he would have appreciated a more concrete report, that’s not really what came out in my response text.

Pushing forward. (Which makes me super proud.) There’s still a long road ahead…and there are always new bits of information rising to the surface and new challenges to overcome…but it all has purpose. Neither he or mom will ever be the same, but that’s okay.

And then, a prayer flowed from my fingertips, and I decided to go with it…to claim it:

I’m praying with everything I’ve got that they’ll come out stronger, more informed, and ready to face the next phase of life together…working more as a unit than ever before. 

It’s a big prayer with everything that’s going on. Definitely more philosophical and future-focused than directly targeting the battle of the day…movement and healing.

But we all pray based on our perspective.

And, if my perspective is wrong, I trust that God will read between the lines and make it right.