I know that You’re here.
I know that You’re with me.

I’ve asked you to direct my path. To give me wisdom – and the courage and energy to make the right choices.

I claim in faith the blessings You’ve promised.

Ask and ye shall receive.

And, I’m asking…
…if I’m honest, I’m being greedy.

I don’t want to timidly, step by step, make it down the path as it’s lit for me a little at a time. I want to freakin’ dance down the path. Party like it’s 1999 down the path.

I want to have faith – and be faithful.

I want to have love in my heart – and share it freely.

I want to break free from the chains that have held my family captive, enjoy and live generously.

I want to raise my son to live without fear, to be confident and thoughtful.

I’m greedy.

And at the same time that I want you to forgive me for being so, I want to believe – and ask you to help m unbelief – that you’ve already favored me and my family with light and love – enough to gorge on and plenty to share.

Help me honor the process.

In my heart – with my words and actions – let me be an honorable woman.