“God, however, defies logic and often transcends what we perceive to be reality.”

To be transformed.

To accept that things will not always fall into my scope of understanding. That faith is often beyond reason.

That I should trust and be prepared to feel really uncomfortable, because things will be developing outside of my mode of operation, testing my comprehension.

My daily prayer: I believe. Help my unbelief.

Is life always going to be filled with feelings of awkwardness? Always unsure. Always questioning?

I understand peace. You’ve filled my heart with it – but the confidence that comes with it doesn’t always last – and it would be so nice if it lasted just a little bit longer.

Just long enough for me to take the next step.

But I’m here, ready to take the next step, knowing that it could be in any direction – feeling like there are so many directions where I could make a positive impact – and my confidence is gone. I’m overwhelmed, in the dark.

Tackling seemingly unrelated things, knowing that somehow each task is working towards the greater good, but worried that I’m wasting time and effort. That I’m not being as strategic as I could be.

So, here I am again – asking for guidance, a little light to help me place my foot confidently in the right direction. A heap of faith and trust in You – that you’ll keep me on the right path and that my energy will bring love to those I meet.

Quote: Wisdom from The Bible: Daily Thoughts from Proverbs
By: Dan and Nancy Dick
Edited by: Trudie Martineau