There is so much hurt and pain.
Changes – real, hard changes – are happening so quickly.
There is so much anger, so much ire.
With change, attitudes are flaring – red hot. Burning.

So much is burning.
People are burning. Hearts are burning.
Hell on earth is unfolding before us in a new, real way.
And we’re suck fighting about it, arguing, throwing mud.

Families are burning. Kids are burning.
And the noise, as we yell at each other from our forts,
Is starting to make my ears bleed.
And instead of trying to fight, I’m sitting in the corner –

Head between my knees, tears streaming…

I don’t know how to tackle this pain, to encourage.
I don’t know how to make an impact, to make my words mean something.
To make my actions mean something…

Guide me, please.
We’re hurting – and we need love.