I can’t get into this debate
There’s too much hate
But there’s too much at stake

It occurs to me that we only see what we prefer to see – that’s what’s been programmed, that’s how the show is run.

Personal preferences – even on the things we love to hate.

So when events unfold, we gravitate to the news that shares our view. Not hate per say, just a slant that’s so far skewed we can’t meet on level ground.

Where’s the even voice?

We don’t filter for ourselves anymore – we’ve handed over the chore to someone else, we’ve handed over our trust.

We’ve stopped thinking.

Help me think.
Help me filter through love, through logic and understanding – through balance.

Anytime there’s a group of individuals together, the best and worst of humanity will show up. It’s undeniable that those extremes provide more entertainment, more leverage to keep feeding the masses a skewed view.

Help me see beyond the extremes to the heart of the matter; help me teach my son to see.

Be our filter. Let love be our filter.

Give us courage to trust you and leave the shrill voices to fight amongst themselves.