There is so much division.

SO MUCH conversation on either side of the topic. How do I bridge the best of both and maintain my integrity? The lines are SO FINE, the nuances so subtle…

I am – all in the same moment, on either side of the conversation – enraged, appalled, flabbergasted, delighted, inspired and motivated – it’s a whirlwind, a cyclone of emotions. I don’t know how to temper it, to manage it. I don’t know how to jump into a conversation without making a mess of the lines, the touch points that should be handled with delicate hands.

I’m clumsy. Clunky. Blunt. Brutal.


So, I stay away, look away – hoping that my decision to disengage is actually honored as a decision for peace.

In the vacuum, I’ve chosen to support the good, the best of conversation.

The kind.
The thoughtful.
The brilliant – and sometimes, funny.

The challenge is necessary. The protest is honorable. It matters. I need to think beyond, and I know well enough that often requires moving away from my comfort zone, my cushy space.

It’s so easy to give into the hate, the division, the how could you say something like that, I just threw up in my mouth a little, instead of choosing to love, to respect, to honor differences.

Give me courage to say what I should.
Give me peace and understanding when I need to be silent.
Give me a heart that is unfailing in supporting the good, the love.