I am thankful deep in my bones.

I believe You direct my path – and I’ve seen the evidence. Events folding without any input from me; things that can’t be explained: paths crossed, chance moments, stories overheard.

When I can with open heart cry while sharing a slice of heavenly cake with someone I just met…a stranger no longer…I know You’re involved.

Things like that don’t just happen.
I want more of that in my life.

Light and love to the nth degree.
Disarmed and full of acceptance.

Human hearts need saving from the horror that attacks us day in and day out – and if I have the chance to positively impact one person every day – that’s me, through You, changing the world. Healing myself, and healing others.

This is treasure: hearts at peace, filled with love.

I’m greedy for it – for me, for the kid, for my family, for my friends, my connections, my leaders, my world.

But it starts with me, with my choice.

Help me find wisdom and understanding so that I can use it for good.