What’s most important?

Right. That seems to be the unanswerable question at the moment.

Everything is important.
Which could also mean that nothing is important.

But that’s not how my life feels right now – everything seems important, is shoving to the front of the line for space. And I’m just here, exhausted, trying to keep up with the hungry mouths…

And every now and then, letting the exhaustion overtake me so that I can hide under the covers – that way my mind can find peace from the ever shifting Rolodex of priorities.

I’m tired, but…


So, I’m trying. That’s all I’ve got to bring You – a willing heart.

I want to be diligent. I want to make good choices with my time and effort. I want to prioritize well.

But I need help. It’s so easy to get distracted. It’s all so SHINY.

Help me remember what’s most important, to focus on the actions that will foster positivity in my life and my family’s life, that will help bring more light and love into our worlds.

Help me balance rest and taking care of my physical being, so that I can keep pushing forward towards goals that will reap abundant life, real treasure.

Help me build a life, not a lifestyle, that’s rooted in appreciation and mindfulness.