Living a life empowered by light.
Empowered by love.

Encouraging others that they too can find power, courage, joy in a life focused on light and love.

This is what I want for my life, for my kid’s life.

Understanding that, though every situation won’t be easy…

There will be questions, frustrations – even anger –

…those aren’t spaces we need to stay at, or get stuck in.



Those aren’t words I want used to define my life.

To seek light.
To be light.

To honor love.
To highlight love.
To choose love.

Yep. That sounds better.
Harder, but better.

I was talking with someone this week about how fear to grow keeps people from taking the next step, achieving more. How the work involved in the growth process is avoided, because we prefer comfort, the known, the home base we’ve created on the plateau.

We want a break from all the work we had to do before…

And don’t acknowledge that what we really want is to believe is that we have arrived.

It’s not better. But we don’t want harder, so we stay.


Accept STALE.


I understand that I am in a state of transition, of growing. I’m thankful for it. I acknowledge my fear and ask for courage while I honor the process of change. I don’t want to be rash and flippant.

I want to be focused on light and love – and allow for all the good things they will bring to my life as I move forward with purposeful intent.