I am exhausted by the emotions of the day.

There have been so many both positive and negative, and I’m worn out.

I realize that no matter how I feel, how the emotions tug at me, I can find steadiness in You. And I’m trying…

But I’ll confess – I did want to punch someone in the nose today, and I wallowed in that feeling until the tears glistened in my eyes.

I want to punch him because he makes me mad. Mad until I’m sad.

And I just stayed there…like a pig in mud, digging deeper.

Looking back on that moment now, I should have let it go, given it to You. Surrendered.

Did letting those FEELS run amok do me any good service? No. They ran about, wearing me out; and it took me a little while to get back on track, to regain my focus.


Frustrated at him.
Frustrated at me.
Frustrated at the FEELS.


So, help me do better. To be wise about how I handle my feelings. I want to be steady, make better choices – stay focused on my goals.