Avoiding harmful things…because why would I take the risk?

It’s an interesting question, especially after yesterday’s reflection.

Mindfulness. Being present.
Both of those things also mean being really honest about what’s not good for me or my life, as a single adult, as a mother, as a individual bent on her focus of sharing light and love to others.

Letting go.

Harmful attitudes.
Destructive behavior.
Bad decisions.

I read an article yesterday that spoke so strongly to me that I shared it with a few people close to my heart. It was focused on what you should leave behind in order to put yourself on a path to success.

I trust that You have plans for me that are for good, prosperity – for success.

But, if I’m in the way, giving into my harmful, destructive, negative piles of poo…then what?

I’m expecting that You’ll va-moose my poo and then pile on the good stuff?!

*side eye*


So, why would I get in the way of my own prosperity, my own success, with behaviors, with choices that I know are harmful?

I feel like that’s a whole different kind of prayer…

So, I’m asking for courage. Again.

It’s the letting go that I fear…

…some things are just so familiar.