Mindfulness. Being present.

It’s been a subject that I’ve been digging into the last year, as things have swirled even farther outward. I find the sessions calming and peaceful.

It’s a period of time when I feel I’ve had permission to focus on just it – just being – vs. multi-tasking all things.

And I understand that part of the message these sessions have been trying to convey – trying to get through my thick skull – is that I can give myself the permission I need to be mindful outside – in real life; and really, that I need to.

It’s a healthier, more whole way to live.

Mindfullness. Being present.

As I transition back to center, I find myself making small choices that force me to focus on the now – acting purposefully, listening carefully, giving of my wholeness to a person or situation.

Along with the big choices I’ve made to make my life different, I feel the balance shifting – more towards winning than not, but the ground is still unsteady and I’m trying to getting my footing.

Mindfullness. Being present.

Looking to You for guidance, for confirmation. For wisdom and understanding. These steps, these choices are good. I feel good. Happy. Whole-r…

But…what’s next?

The question takes my breath away as my heart picks up the beat of my mind marching down the path. So many choices, possibilities – next chapters.

I’m more sure of what I don’t want than what I do want.

Mindfulness. Being present.

I want Your will. I want Your best for me (trusting that it is a life abundant). I want discernment to hear Your instruction and courage to follow it; and encouragement for my heart when it breaks for the things I will have to leave behind.