There are so many weird overlaps in my life, and I am just trying to do the best I can to focus on honor instead of disgust. My distaste for the situations reminds me that consequences live on – quick fixes aren’t real solutions when it comes to a life well-lived.

Rules and boundaries exist for a reason. As a parent, I know this; but even though I am an authority figure, it doesn’t mean that I handle authority figures myself very well. Even You.

Trusting. Having faith that the rules and boundaries exist. Even though I can’t see or clearly understand the why.

Honestly believing that Your plan is what’s good for me.

Offering lip service to that fact is easy, so easy. Living it out – with actual actions – is less so.

I feel like that’s part of the reason why I keep going back to the same request: please give me wisdom and understanding as I tackle the different areas of my life that need clean up, as I move forward with slightly more confident steps that Your will, Your plan is greater than my own.