Every day Your mercies are new.

Your love. Your patience. Your grace.

It doesn’t run out – and for that I am thankful.

My stores are so taxed, so limited. I am weary to the bone.

I want to come to You with joy and dancing, but all I’ve got are burdens. Boulder after boulder to lay at your feet. Can I just sit here and rest? I feel like if I could just stay here a while, maybe I could soak up the courage I need to face my life. This dark, ugly – this obscurus –  of an existence that’s only getting scarier and more heart breaking.

The more time that passes, the less I feel like I have any impact. How can one broken heart tackle the rage and hurt of her sphere?


Your mercies are new.

I don’t deserve it. But I’m asking in faith that you’ll renew my spirit with Your mercy and love, and that I’ll be able to share it.