I told her this afternoon, “I feel like all the doors are opening…faster than I expected.”

“That’s great!” she responded enthusiastically. “You should indeed celebrate your achievements – and this a great achievement.”

I don’t know that I’ve seen it as an achievement really…

More like a process. And within the process I’ve reached a milestone…

#hi5’d it – and kept on going.

But, I value her point – we should celebrate our work and effort when it leads to success.

And, we should keep our promises – because, if we can’t even keep our own promises to ourselves…

Sitting on the beach trading stories with my friend early this summer was when I really spoke life into my plan.

Up to then, I think I only spoke bits of it. Facets.
(And mostly, just to myself…)

He gave me space and time to unpack this crazy idea to its fullest. And after, I realized – fully realized – I could totally do this – and with Intermittent Fasting as a part of the weight loss process, it really was only a matter of time until I could grant myself permission with a clear heart to move forward.

And here I am. Second weight loss goal achieved.
Permission granted.

My heart is excited…and my mind engaged, for what I hope will be one of the funnest campaigns I’ve ever worked on.

So, I promised myself way back when that if I lost weight – if I made it to 175 – I would finally get that larger art piece to satisfy the craving I have for more ink.

Let me back up.

I have 3 tattoos.
I am a fan of ink…

I’ve wanted to get a fourth – a bigger, larger…I won’t say more meaningful, because the three that I already have are meaningful in their own ways…art-ful piece that would incorporate more than just one thought. It would be a collage of sorts; a graphic design of many themes that matter to me.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that I would want to show this bad boy off…and that was back when – in the midst of the constant weight struggle – I was feeling some kind of way about my body and my image.

The kind of way that meant this beautiful piece would hardly ever – EVER – get shown. I didn’t want that. And so, I associated it with an aggressive weight loss goal. For some reason, I thought…if I reach 175, I’ll have the type of body I feel more comfortable in (read: I’d be more apt to show of my tattoo vs. hiding it).

Don’t ask me why 175. As I look back on it, it really was an arbitrary number. My first goal was always to hit 200 (got close once and then shot back up the scale), and my second goal 175. I never really thought much passed that…because 175 seemed like an unattainable goal anyway.

So, in essence, I gave up on really believing that I would ever get a fourth tattoo, because how in the world would I ever reach my first milestone, never mind my second?!

If Intermittent Fasting has taught me anything, it’s that…it’s only a matter of time.

So, there I was, on the beach, pulling out pieces of my heart, long tucked away…and it was like an A-ha moment.

This could totally happen – and, because of my professional experience planning, executing and managing social media campaigns, I had the experience to do it in a way that would – before – not have been possible.

So, as it turns out, now is a very good time; and there was a reason for waiting.

Now that 175 has come and gone, and I’ve started turning thoughts into actions, doors seem to be opening up for me, and I’m walking through them. A little nervous – definitely excited.

Ran into an amazing quote by Jason Mraz this evening (I adore him, y’all), and I feel like it’s so true of this moment for me.

The butterflies are running wild within, asking me to second guess myself, but I’m confident in my bones that I deserve to celebrate – and it should be a thrown-down party, because 1.) it’s a big deal, a major life change, and 2.) I know how to plan a good party – and there will be cake.

So, here’s the basic plan:

As a part of my promise to myself to get an amazing piece of art inked on my body, I am treating my tattoo experience like a social media campaign of sorts.

There will be professional photography before (showing off the canvas, so to speak) and after. There will be a write-up on the blog with a call for submissions from tattoo artists from North America (basically, if I can roadtrip to their location, it’s all good). Submissions will be reviewed and an artist I feel REALLY, REALLY confident about working with will be chosen.

And then, the party-ing can commence.
Y’all. I am really excited.

My photographer had an earlier spot in her schedule than I expected – THIS SATURDAY – and she’s sending me inspirational images to consider. My all-time favorite esthetician had an open spot in her schedule – miracles of miracles – that worked with MY schedule – and now I look less like a wolverine princess…so surely that already gets me looking better for this shoot.

Once I have the photography in-hand and the nitty-gritty campaign details sorted, I will move forward.

But it dawned on me – as I was writing this post – I don’t even have an official name for it yet. I should absolutely have my own campaign hashtag, right?

(Indulgent eye rolls are allowed.)

So, what do you think it should be?

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