He had been talking to me about his prowess in the kitchen. Specifically, how amazing his zoodles were.

For the record, I don’t think he called them zoodles.
I’ve heard other people refer to them that way.

You know what I mean. Zucchini that’s been cut into “noodle” form and then used as a pasta, instead of traditional grain-based pasta options.

I’ve always been interested. Seriously. More veggies in my life that are tasty and delicious?!

Yes, please!

(There is no snark meant in that comment. I am seriously open to all the tasty options when it comes to eating healthy…well, let’s say, healthier.)

On this side of it, why had I not made them earlier? Incorporated this no-brainer option into my life?


All the usual suspects…

Time. Effort. Lack of tools.
Not being willing to move beyond the norm.
Tackling other options first.

I finally had the opportunity to enjoy a meal made with zoodles the way he does them…with a Lemon Caper sauce (that, by the way, is to die for).


So, on the other side of his so-kindly prepared meal, I was totally sold.

Zucchini noodles for the WIN.
Totally on board.

Add to that, the fact that the kid’s Other Momma handled over a zoodle tool, one that she wasn’t using.

And I was prepped for recreating the yummy-goodness at home.

All I needed was a zucchini…and oh, how I wished I had planted some in the Plant Plot this season!

(Made a mental note to add that to my grow list for next summer.)

I text him before I knew exactly how this meal was going to turn out.

Probably won’t be near as good as yours, but I’m giving you credit that I’m even trying. 

He responded, “You got that!”

Encouraged to make magic happen, I ventured forth with the ingredients at hand (because I didn’t have any lemon or capers in my house).

One medium zucchini got “zoodled” straight into my pan. I poured over a healthy helping of olive oil and got to sautéing.

As the zucchini cooked down, I added a couple of spoonfuls of this pesto base that I’ve had stashed in the fridge for a couple of months. To that, I added some pork stock (jellied, leftover “pan drippings” from a roast I had in the crock pot last week), a splash of olive juice (from a jar of blue cheese stuffed green olives), and a tablespoon of chia seeds.

I simmered it for – oh, about 10 minutes – and plated it with a dollop of greek yogurt, freshly sliced tomatoes (from the Plant Plot) and freshly, ground black pepper.

And I thought to myself…

This zoodle situation is solid.

And I made another mental note to grow several zucchini plants next season.

Do you make zoodles? Have any favorite recipes to share? Please do! Feel free to drop links in the comments below.