If you know anything about me, you know that I love to adventure through food.

Whether it’s going out for #yummygoodness or pulling together an epic #IdRatherEatAtHome moment, I absolutely love the choice and flexibility – the adventure – that food offers.

So, when I heard there was a new Indian restaurant in my town (much thanks to a friend for posting a review of her experience on Facebook), I was immediately down to add it to my list of places to visit and jumped on the research.

I saw an article from the local newspaper from April 2016 and thought to myself…how in the world did I miss out on this for EIGHT WHOLE MONTHS?!

After talking with a member of the staff, it turns out they’ve only been open about 2 weeks. They did indeed have an article in the paper about 8 months ago, but it took them a little longer to prepare the space than originally thought.

I get it. The building had previously housed a dive-ish sports bar – for as long as I can remember – and I can only imagine there was a lot of renovation needed.

The day after my friend posted to Facebook, I made my way over for lunch to try the buffet.

(I love buffets for their challenges and opportunities; and how I’m in control of portions…why yes, I want a mountain of rice – the more, the better; and yep, I’ll just take a tiny morsel of this unidentifiable yellow stuff…)

The weekday lunch buffet was $10. According to a sign they have posted in the buffet area, the price is $12 on the weekend – and you can pack a TO-GO container for $5/pound.

(WHAT?! Yes!! I will take a pound of Chicken Masala TO-GO. Woohoo!!)

I was surprised by how mild the spice level was on all the choices from the buffet. I’m used to a medium heat from Indian buffets, but I noticed a public post on Facebook where a customer (a little irritated about the spice situation) was told by management that they were trying to appeal to the wider market by focusing on flavor without adding too much spice.

A good choice, I think. There are always chutneys available to add heat for those who like it hot. Or, you can just order from the menu and say: “The hotter, the better. Please and thank you.”

Good luck with that.

(chuckles to self)

The staff was very kind and offered some insight on the selections available. In fact, there was this one thing that I would not have know how to eat had I not been instructed – and it was soooo good. And, I had the opportunity to try coconut chutney for the first time ever. So fun!

Let me know if you stop by, and what you think.