It was my sincerest intention to grill these lovely Southern Peaches. They were the perfect (I mean perfect) state of ripeness: round, plump, firm with a hint of give.

I did what I’ve seen them do on the Food Network” cut them in half, pull out the pit and drizzle them in a bit of olive oil. They were ready along side of the deep red steaks to meet the heat of the grill.

And then, disaster…no gas in the tank.

And so, these peaches were pan-fried, you could also say sautéed. I kept them on a pretty high heat in order to get the caramelization effect on the open-face of the peach. I might should have placed a lid on the pan for the last min or two, so that they could have been properly heated all the way through. Instead, they were hot and crispy on the front side and a bit normal…maybe fresh-of-the-tree on the closed end.

Not bad.
Went perfect with the steaks.