I heard from her today completely out of the blue. She asked me to email her so that we could talk social media and websites. She said she valued my time and opinion.

My mind is blown.

I met this dear lady in a crazy, serendipitous moment while I was in college. And my memory is fuzzy as to why we ended up sharing a table in the coffee lounge of the dining hall on campus, but we did. And we talked. And I remember it being such a positive experience, an uplifting conversation. It was one of those unforgettable moments of connection.

I remember walking away thinking I had just met someone really special.

I met her again my Junior year. She was the wife of the professor in charge of the study abroad program I applied for – who would have known?

I remember admiring her kindness and grace through the trip. I knew she was the kind of person that I wanted to grow up to be.

And it’s been the same since. Random moments of connection. A positive, affirming conversation every few years when we happened to run into each other here and there.

And now this.

To think that I’ve grown up enough, in life and in my industry, to offer her any sort of consultation, any sort of benefit, gives me a feeling of awe.

Not to mention the pack of happy butterflies that are bouncing off the walls of my stomach.