I had the opportunity to prescreen “He Named Me Malala” as a part of the 2015 Blogalicious conference.

In an effort to be completely transparent…

[ENTER CONFESSION] I was excited about seeing the event on the conference schedule, but not because I knew tons about Malala and her story. It was really because I knew I should know more about her and her story. Snippets along the way as news unfolded wasn’t enough for me to feel like I could sit there and honor the opportunity to prescreen the documentary.

So, I did my homework – or at least, as much as I could in the time that I had.

Which is why, as I was waiting for my shuttle to downtown Baltimore very late Tuesday night, I started pulling up and reading as many articles as I could find about Malala, her history and her impact.

(It helps that I was the second to last person on the shuttle to be dropped off. Frustrating, yes – because I was tired and had had a very long day. But in my own way, I was – am – thankful for a solid chunk of quiet time to get the research completed before sitting down in the theater.)

And it was helpful, because I didn’t find myself getting stuck on the details of the film or the history, but instead focused on the connections, relationships and growth.

As mom to the kid, I couldn’t help but zero in on the bond between Malala and her father, and how that relationship has encouraged Malala to grow into the strong and courageous woman she is today.

jab's plethora on Instagram - He Named Me MalalaAs parents, we have the chance to tend the hearts of our young ones – and even in the most trying of times, we can encourage them towards positive growth. And how proud are we when they, like Malala, choose to follow their passion and pursue what’s right?

In my journey as a parent, those are the times when my breath is taken away by how much joy lives in my heart as I see the kid grow towards good.

Excited to be an Ambassador for this film. Have you seen the trailer? If not, you should. See it here. And plan to see the film in October when it opens (LA and NY on Oct 2; everywhere else on Oct 9).

Even more excited to be attending a conference call with the Malala Fund Team and Malala Yousafazi here in the near future.

Stay tuned for an update on that experience!