NOTE: Plethora Pointe is the name for my homebase.

Yes, I have a name for my little home and tiny bit o’ earth. I’m as proud of it as I would be an estate, so it gets a name.

Imagine this…

The Prednisone, in my system for approximately 24 hours, was already working its magic. The pain I had been dealing with all Spring was dissipating. The well of energy and life was spilling over. My smile was wide. My body was working and moving in ways that I had almost forgotten it could. I felt on top of the world. 

After spending a night with friends, I got home and initiated a Dance Party for One.

Despacito – in all its versions – played so loudly, the walls vibrated as I salsa’d through my Home Office and kitchen.


And I grinned like a loon.

What an amazing gift at the Kia Brand Experience, a Oynx Mini Bluetooth Speaker.I received my harman/kardon Mini Oynx Bluetooth Speaker as a welcome gift when I checked into the Kia brand experience event in San Diego.

Read: Welcome Gift is a free item. I did not pay for this speaker.

What’s the correlation?

Like, why would I get a harman/kardon item at a Kia event?

Because the two brands have been working together to create the best possible in-car listening experience.

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As a road trippin’ momma, music in the car is SUPER important. Whether I need my nerves soothed or my jams to stay alert, I appreciate a good-soundin’ system. And I’ve had the opportunity to experience that Harman/Kia partnership through different driving experiences.

This is part of my story – the facts as they are…because a free Bluetooth speaker isn’t going to sway me to over-embellish the truth (it’s not like I didn’t already have a couple).

But, you should know, this particular speaker has definitely got me swayin’ to the tunes that have turned Plethora Pointe into a party house.


How in the world am I going to get this thing packed and home?

That was my first thought.

Okay, maybe not my first

HOLY. BUCKETS. What an awesome gift!

That was probably my first. And then, my mind transitioned to wondering how I was going to get it home. I didn’t expect a whole lot of swag – the entire brand experience was already swaggy enough – so I didn’t plan on having space for extra bits to bring home.

But I certainly was NOT leaving this gem behind, so stuff it somewhere I most certainly did and unpacked it promptly when I returned home. I didn’t want this to be an item that got placed on the shelf or worse – stored in the garage – until I could get around to setting it up and enjoying it.

I wanted to enjoy it right away.

And it was super-easy…

/rolls eyes/

Take it out of the box.
Plug it in.
Connect to mobile device.
Play music.

One online description says: Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth to enjoy room-filling sound.

Room-filling is relative.

The sound fills my house. I can even sit outside on the steps and still enjoy the music (helps if I leave the back door or office window open).

In regards to the battery: Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 10 hours of playtime.

You know…I’ve never measured the time it plays without being plugged in. But I DO know that it’s a long time. Plenty of time to get through my work day. Plenty of time to create a dinner masterpiece with friends at the beach house.

I’ve been so impressed with the sound. Transfixed – might be a better word.

This little speaker has been hard at work on the daily since I returned from San Diego putting out some serious ear candy.

And it explains why I’ve had such a great listening experience in my Kia driving experiences…

In the last year, I’ve had several experiences behind the wheel – or as a passenger – in a Kia.

Not every single time included music. But…a lot of them did – and I’m pretty sure 100% of the time – if I was in the car alone.

I still remember the first time I was in the Kia Niro driving through San Diego, just taking it all in, and jammin’ to Come And Get Your Love. You can see the video here.

Hell (hell) nothin the matter with your head baby find it, come on and find it
Hell, with it baby cause you’re fun and you’re mine and you look so divine.

*Lyrics: Come And Get Your Love by Redbone

I was jammin’ – and apparently, as the photo evidence suggests, in the different opportunities that I’ve had this year to jam out in a Kia, I’m a fan of the 1970’s.

I’m pretty sure, you’re not surprised.

Thank you, harman/kardon.

Not that my house wasn’t fun before, but now, it’s like a party all the time.

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