The holidays are upon us, and no matter which holiday we celebrate, we all share an important ingredient in common: LOVE. It brings us together to give and receive gifts; it leads us in the path of honored traditions; and it supports us as we show affection for the special people in our lives. Its power in making this time of year unforgettable cannot be overstated.

And yet, we often choke up when trying to express our love and appreciation for others. Sure, it’s easy to buy a gift or to write a quick sentiment in a card; but what about a sincere heartfelt expression of love? We don’t often take the time. And, it’s a shame. There are people who add immeasurable amounts of value to our lives; and as all of our mothers have taught us, we should – at least – say thank you.

There’s a newly launched website encouraging the community to do just that: to share love and appreciation by writing a love letter. Just think how much it would touch your heart to receive one. And now, consider sharing that feeling with others by writing one. If you’re not often swept away by your feelings of love and appreciation, the Holidays can be your perfect excuse. It’s a time to get swept away, to let Love and Appreciation swell within your heart.

We need to stop saying we’ll get to it; it’s time to mark it off our list. Write your letter. Send it. Consider sharing it with a wider community at, thereby spreading your love and appreciation to others, warming hearts around the world.

That’s what this time of year is all about – no matter what Holiday you celebrate.