I took the kid to Subway this evening. I had a gift card and totally felt like eating out and not paying for it.

He ordered an Italian BMT with spinach – and then decided to eat two leaves and pull the rest out. I asked him to please not waste his food and to consider the fact that his spicy meats were covering up the spinach “taste” anyway.

He didn’t think too much of my idea until I mentioned the fact that I had gotten us 3 cookies to share for dessert, but if he wasn’t going to eat all of his dinner…

He tells me, “Mom, I’ll eat just one more,” and pops a leaf of spinach into his mouth.

I answered back, “And that’s just enough for one bite of cookie,” and I broke off a small (SMALL) piece of cookie and placed it in front of him.

His response: “Aw, man…”

And suddenly, my idea of the spinach being “lost” in his sandwich anyway was utter brilliance, and it was gone just like that.

This kid…he just still doesn’t appreciate who he’s dealing with.