He went shopping tonight.

We didn’t need much. Only a couple of items to enhance what we already have in the house until we head out for the Easter weekend. He’s taking the kid to visit family. I am heading north to meetup with a colleague and to work out details for an event coming up in August of this year.

He also took back two RedBox movies for me.

We meant to do this earlier in the day when we dabbled in a family-outing situation (which went well), but we were all tired at the time and just decided to go home.

So…he rocked out two awesome “acts of service” for me in one trip. He definitely banked a few brownie points!


He got home in time to share story time with the kid. We sat waiting for the little Puck to finally-dear-god pick out a book. The air in the house was still too-warm from the day’s heat.

I looked over at him and said, “I should have added ice cream to the list.”

He grinned, “I didn’t get you ice cream. But I did get you something.”

I smiled back at him: “Is it in the fridge,” I asked trying to guess at what the surprise could be.

“No. It’s not in the freezer either.”

“What is it?!”

“You’ll just have to go downstairs and see.”

“Argh,” I replied.
(Yes, this is one of my go-to “I am not happy with this situation” responses. I’ve never really claimed to be the perfect model of adulthood. That only works on a comparison basis.)


Finally, the bedtime routine was over: story, snuggles, kisses, music. Done.

I trotted down the stairs and looked to the table.
Ack! There was nothing there.

I took a couple more steps into the kitchen and looked at the closest part of the counter, near the coffee maker. ACK!! Nothing there either.

I looked in the corner, near the stove. There was a happy little line of items freshly purchased and unbagged. Beside the items on the list was a fat little jar of Nutella.

He definitely got a few more brownies points for that!