It dawned on me that I might should be ashamed for still being in my jammies…

Eh. Nah.

It was only a moment. And then I was over it.

I conquered my world today…all up in my jammies.


And, it was a good day.

For the record, I don’t always stay in my jammies all day long.

There are some days I have to see clients…

…and I’ll dress up for them.

By dress up, what I mean to say is, I’ll throw on a pair of jeans and some sneaks.


Y’all, relax. I’ve worked corporate. I dress appropriately based on the situation.

Today was Monday. I had a long day in front of the screen and no client meetings booked. I didn’t have to see anyone but my mom and my kid. It was glorious. And the way they left me this morning on the way to school was the way they found me this afternoon at drop off…

Although, my hair might have been a little crazier by the time 4pm rolled around. In fact, more “bed head” than at 7am.


Development challenges.

It was after 4pm.
The kid was home.
I had just brewed a(nother) fresh pot of coffee.
And I decided to soak in some sun and plant my bare feet on the ground* for a spell.

Personal and professional developmental challenges. It was a rough-and-tough kind of Monday. Big words were exchanged with family, with a recruiter who asked me for an initial interview, with friends…

BIG WORDS kept bouncing around in my head – and I had to stop and write them down.

I don’t usually do that. I would consider it frivolous to take the time to unpack what was swirling in the head-space when I should be working, but today was the kind of day that it was vital in order for me to move onto the next step, the actual work that needed to be done (read: billable work).

And then, there were other words…like: the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize in php.ini.


Needless to say, then I had other (big, but short) words to say about that.


And I kept thinking about that post I wrote yesterday about the light within…

It’s all well and good for me to dump inspirational broo-ha-ha onto the DATC students for them to consider. And yes, they’re on a path of growth and development. But, what if someone never talked to them about all the little steps that need to happen to get over ingrained ideas…

My beef was all the complaining over headshots…, but that’s what we grow up learning to do – we put our appearance down…in some form or fashion.

And, as I was marinating through the day, I realized I’ve heard different forms of that same kind of self-depreciation:

People who are in awe – or just curious – of my Intermittent Fasting lifestyle respond with…“Oh, I could never go a whole day without eating!”

People who find out I run my own business and that it’s my livelihood go…“Wow! I could never do what you do! You’re living the dream!”

At the end of the day, I’m left wondering…

What if we could just take our eyes off the mountain and see the next step.

That’s it. Just the next logicial step.

Sure. The top of the mountain is the goal. But why do we choose to be overwhelmed by the big picture…so much so that it often intimidates us, bullies us even, out of taking the steps we know to take.

Simple steps. Logical, reasonable steps. One at a time.

It’s funny to me how we get tricked into forgetting that any climb to the top comes with some trips, maybe even a fall or two.

Why do we expect conquering goals (even small ones, like being comfortable with ourselves in front of a camera) to be any different?

So, I own that it was a day of rockin’ the jammies.

Apparently, the Universe knew that I needed to be extra comfy to get to the other side of all of these developmental challenges (and thinking about how to inspire people to see past their development challenges).

And hopefully, these are the only kind of snowflakes we’ll be seeing ’round these parts until Winter comes again.

*Grounding is good for the soul. I am not going to get into it here. But I will eventually because I love to do it. And it is good for me. And you too. So, Google it.