I’ve been working with Nelson Technology for almost a year now. To gather information to create their newsletter posts, I email the Client Manager for a list of completed tasks; and usually she fills me in on the company’s activity for the last couple of weeks. Because I’ve spent a lot of time interviewing the owner of Nelson Technology Partners, I feel really confident to fill in any gaps in the information that there may be.

This month, I decided to try a different tactic. The Nelson Tech Team was in the midst of a big project, so when I ping’d the Client Manager at the beginning of February, she wasn’t sure what else to tell me that would be different from what she had already told me in January. I told her not to worry and that I’d follow up with her throughout the month.

In the business of content management, it’s important to be flexible when a client feels overwhelmed. The content will always be there, sometimes you just have to be more creative during the harvest.

Consider this:  It’s helpful to have a Third Party help with content management. Sometimes, you’re just too overwhelmed by the day-to-day routine that you miss all the great stories or don’t have any energy to parse them out of the hum-drum.


Nelson Technology: February 2013 Newsletter

It’s amazing how quick 2013 is already flying by – or maybe it’s because we’ve been so busy!

There have been some amazing projects this month! There’s a lot to do and we’ve supporting technology needs from Greensboro to Reidsville, and across to Mebane.

Update on the Big Project

We gathered in the Team and headed to Greensboro this past weekend in order to update the hardware an a local ophthalmology office. We completed the final update of green screens to PC’s. They’re set to implement their new CRM today and looking forward to having their office technology updated.


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