When local bloggers get together for a meetup, there’s often good food and drink (or maybe, those are just the meetups that I end up at); but there’s also fun, laughs and acceptance.

I appreciate the opportunity to know the ladies who tell stories at Good Girl Gone Redneck and Life of a Ginger.

The question was put to me kinda like this…

If you want to get together before the kid gets home, maybe we can plan a moms’ night out?

Uh…yea! I am TOTALLY in.
Write my name DOWN.
It’s happening!


It happened – after the kid got back from his epic family reunion trip (with his Papa’s family), but on a night when he was reveling at CAMP OMA.

In this moment, timing doesn’t matter. What matters is that it happened.


And, knowing what it takes on my side of things to make things like this happen, I appreciate Andrea (Good Girl Gone Redneck) and Kate (Life of a Ginger) for making the time and space to make it happen as well (and an extra #hi5 to Kate for coordinating all the details).

Moms’ Night Out with Yummy-Goodness

Given a list of food establishments to choose from, I am 95% of the time going to choose the places I’ve never been. Food is a chance to adventure. And that’s pretty much how it went down…

I am good for all of those except the place that I’ve been to before. So whatever y’all choose I’ll be fine with.

And, Dame’s was picked…

Chicken and waffles? Oh yea, I’m down.

I didn’t really bother to review the menu ahead of time. Yummy-goodness is always important, but the purpose of this meetup was to share time with ladies I appreciate and want to get to know better…that kind of purpose always adds its own flavor to whatever happens to be on your plate. And…I don’t think you can be on Main Street in downtown Durham – survive, and THRIVE – without being good…so there’s that too.

I was confident this was going to be a seriously good meal. And it was an Eat Day, so no skimping.

And y’all…I DID NOT SKIMP!

And seriously, how could you even try skimping with all the AMAZING options on the menu?!

We took our time and had to work in a little process of elimination to make it happen.

Dame’s menu describes the food as Southern comfort meeting with European decadence…so, pretty much, the best of both worlds, and I’m here to tell you it’s true, and you should try it out for yourself.

I started my meal with a pint from Double Barley Brewing, the Thrilla in Vanilla Porter, which I figured would go well with my final choice from the menu. I felt like the flavors would end up complimenting each other, and they did…but that brew was so smooth and easy to drink, I think I was more than halfway done with the pint by the time my plate was in front of me (and that’s not because it took a long time to get the food, that’s more a comment of how quickly I was drinking my beer).

I told the beer group I belong to on Facebook that I could seriously drink that all night long. Give me a refillable pint glass, and I would be good to go!

But…there was still some left when my ridiculously enormous plate of food came – fresh and hot – from the kitchen, and the flavors all worked their magic.

I ordered The Buff Brahmas, which as written on the menu is:

The baddest birds of all! Four wings or 2 cutlets, a classic waffle, peach & apricot shmear, “drizzled” with whiskey crème sauce

A few things you need to know…

Dame’s offers a variety of waffle flavors, shmears (flavored butter) and drizzles. The combos are endless (okay, maybe not endless, but there’s a lot you can do, depending on what your tongue is in the mood for).

The menu offers inspirations, but as a customer, you’re welcome to mix/match depending on your desire. For example, I was able to order 2 wings and 1 cutlet so that I could try both.

Hooray for choices!

And since I wasn’t skimping, I knew that I wanted it all…chicken, waffle, shmear and drizzle…and wait, I get a side with that too?!


I picked the Collard Greens. Because I don’t make them, and I appreciate when others do – and do them well. And let me tell you, even as I am typing this out, my mouth is watering, because those greens were SO flavorful.

And yes, all of their sides sounded so good, I even thought about abandoning the whole chicken and waffle thing, and just ordering 3 or 4 sides…


Fellow Bloggers Focused on Development

Thankfully, my sweet dinner companions are the kind of humans willing to share their food and drink.

So, I did have the opportunity to taste a few other things…

…the mac and cheese…

Just give me a platter of this for Thanksgiving and I’ll be good, okay?!

…a sweet potato waffle…

Which was heavenly – it was sweet potato without being too sweet, the perfect flavor to haunt you the next day because you got a classic waffle instead of a flavored one…

…a blueberry waffle with the Caribbean Calypso drizzle…

What is this party in my mouth?! HOLY BUCKETS!

Y’all. I did a happy dance in my seat.

Because the food was awesome. The vibe was chill. And the company was delightful!

I started blogging in 2008. I had no idea to look for community. I can’t tell you how many times in the last couple of years I’ve wished that I had starting networking then…

But we do what we can when we can.

So, now is the time, and I am so thankful to have awesome people – food sharing people – nearby to talk with, share ideas with, create plans with…get waffle-drunk with…

I appreciate these ladies and their forward movement, and I look forward to moving forward with them!

So, Dame’s Chicken & Waffles.

If it isn’t already on your list, add it.

If you aren’t into chicken and waffles, note that there are other options on the menu that might tickle your fancy.

If you’ve already been, tell me in the comments which flavor combo (waffles, shmear, drizzle) is your fave.

My last words to you are simply this: Sweet Whiskey Crème.