A little courtesy will go a long way.


Was I being rude? 

It’s totally possible.
Sometimes words escape from my mouth that were best left in my mind.

And sometimes, it’s my air, my attitude…
I’ll admit: it’s thicker than I want it to be at times.

Definition: The showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward others.

I was trying to be polite.

I have been trying to be polite.

But LIFE’s got me in a weird place at the moment…I’m often unsure of my role, and feel out of place…like I’ve misstepped and just caught myself from falling out on the floor.

For good measure, I texted.

I wasn’t going to, but I texted my forward movement and basic ETA to be courteous by taking initiative with the communication.

Can I get a gold star?

I guess when you boil it down, courtesy is about making a good connection.

I hear you, Fortune…good connections.

I’ll try.

But you said, a little goes a long way…

…so, will you cover for me when all I’ve got is a bit?