After the tree trimmer was done and wrapping things up, I walked over to Mr. J. and asked, “Any chance you’ll have some wood chips to spare?”

“You need some chips?” he asked playfully.

“Well, I’ve got this whole box of seeds n’ stuff. I’m supposed to be growing things this season. I thought some wood chips might help out… I’m not handy and I don’t really have a green thumb, but I figured they may help keep the weeds down.”

“Oh, yea. Wood chips will do ’em good. You can have as many as you want,” he answered graciously (while managing to chuckle at the same time).

“If I can grow anything, I promise to share. I’ll be over, sharing veggies, because little man only eats so many…”

“Where in the yard? I used to have a little garden back there in the corner,” he points to the edge of the property line.

“Oh, I’m just gonna do pots…I don’t think I’ll have my act together enough to dig up a plot and grow things in the ground – not this year.”

(To Be Continued…)