I walked a little more confidently to the side door and tapped a few times – his hearing is excellent – and he promptly answered. It was Fitbit set up…Day 2. It needed to charge so that we could connect via Bluetooth.

I had to explain what Bluetooth was (Lord have mercy, my tech friends would have a heyday with how THAT explanation went down)…and then adjust a timer setting on his phone to make sure it didn’t timeout.

The kid joined us a few minutes later, and sweet Mr. J. did his best to engage him in conversation.

After we adjusted a few settings in the app (seriously, Mr. J., how often do you want this device to pester you into activity?!), we talked of doctors, medication and weight loss goals.

As we were wrapping up, he said, “Well, maybe you can help me with another thing…”

I’ve become the neighborly Android advisor.