So after our agreement yesterday, he was back in the yard again…tightening up my mailbox (a stop-gap until I decide what to replace it with) and today, getting the leftover leaves from last year picked up.

I nervously tapped on his side door this evening (hoping that the side and not the front was the right choice…and by golly, why didn’t I remember to ask him that?!).

He answered pleasantly, as if I was right on time, and it was like we’ve been friends forever.

Setting up a Fitbit certainly allows you a clear view into someone’s personal details (he did not want anything to do with set up, so I found myself asking, “Mr. J., how tall are you? How much do you weigh?”)

I did find out that he and I share a birth month – and I told him, next year we’re gonna celebrate together.

And boy, did he ever grin.