I had the lovely opportunity to experience mountain-zen this weekend.

I was expecting the fresh air. I was expecting the sweet-mountain water smell. I was hoping for a clear sky full of dazzling stars.

I knew that I would find a lot of quiet time to reflect; and to write. I knew that the greenness of the nature around me would seep into my soul and encourage self-growth.

What completely took me off guard was the laden apple tree in the front yard just off the deck. I didn’t realize that such a wealth of nature’s goodness would be right there saying: grab and eat. Hmmm…

And, so, I went apple picking this weekend. Completely unexpected and absolutely delightful. Among the 3 of us, we picked enough to fill 4 bags full and the tree is still full of apples…that may be ready in a week or two for more picking.

The apples are tart and crisp. Perfect for baking.

I’ve already started. I couldn’t help myself. I had nature’s treasure in my kitchen and it called to me for engagement and discovery.

I learned how to make applesauce tonight; and then manipulated a muffin recipe in order to make use of the applesauce. Wow. I am awed and grateful for this experience.