I was invited to taste test the Spring menu at Seasons 52, and the restaurant was kind enough to include my mother in this culinary adventure. They did everything in their power to make our experience exceptional, and while I’ll appreciate their attention to detail, please note – as always – opinions expressed below are completely my own.

Now, you know as well as I, if you’re reading this before Sunday, May 14th, that Mother’s Day hasn’t come yet.

But it has for me…

When I was invited to experience the new menu at Seasons 52 at Crabtree Valley Mall and told that I could bring a guest, I knew right away that I wanted to invite my mom.

We don’t always get the chance, life being what it is, to celebrate Mother’s Day together, but we try – and, if I am being really honest, it’s a delight when we can get away to celebrate just us. We’re seldom alone in a moment when we can just enjoy each other. We’re usually with other family members or working or cleaning or…you get the idea. Doing what moms do.

So, we dressed up and headed out together, ladies out for lunch, to enjoy whatever adventure Seasons 52 had in store.

Seasons 52 – Highlighting Seasonal Fare

As per their website, Seasons 52 describes itself as a celebration of what’s good now.

Seasonally inspired menus featuring ingredients at their peak of freshness. Rustic cooking techniques like brick oven roasting and open-fire grilling that bring out natural flavors. And an ever-changing selection of global wines. All in a casually sophisticated setting.

What’s good now, you ask?

Well, Springtime brings fresh greens, asparagus, lemon zest, berries…ingredients that are light and bright, and almost have a way of making you feel happy and hopeful as you’re eating them.

There are also so many great smells that awaken your senses as the earth wakes up from its winter-weary slumber. And, I will say, that my experience with the meal at Seasons 52 was as much fun to smell as it was to eat. I even told Chef Bryan Florence so when he came by to visit our table (he’s one of the Executive Chef Partners, and it was lovely to have a chance to speak with him both before and towards the end of our meal).

On the Menu and on Our Table

So…want me to be more specific?

What’s on the menu, you want to know?

Well…just about the whole menu was on our table, so I can probably speak to whatever you have questions about.


We were there for lunch, so our hosts provided an amazing variety of starters and items from the lunch menu, but they snuck in some dinner items as well.

We started with beverages and literally toured through the menu, from starters all the way to desserts, what Seasons 52 calls Mini Indulgences.

Mom and I thought they were just right, those mini indulgences…4 to 6 bites (depending on how big your bites are) of some of your favorite sweet treats to help end the meal with a sugary bright spot. Just enough. Not too much. I feel like this is really important. You felt good about eating the dessert AND YOU STILL FELT GOOD after eating the dessert because it was just the right amount.






This drink packs a punch…or should I say a buzz. Make sure you get the low-down on the bud. It’s important! And, it’s definitely an experience. As our waitress suggested, “It makes your mouth feel awake!”


Handmade Refreshment

I was really interested in getting a cocktail, but GINGER will get me every single time. The fresh ginger at the top of this drink was my favorite touch! And I made this drink last as long as possible…so good!


Handmade Refreshment

We ordered this drink towards the end of the meal, which helped brighten up all the savory flavors and sauces that we were focused on at the time.



ALL DAY LONG. I would eat this flatbread everyday if I could. And I wouldn’t feel one bit guilty, because it includes vegetables.



This flatbread was a little heavier thanks to the chicken. Good flavor. Light and meaty all at the same time, if you can believe it.



Y’all know I LOVE hummus. So this was a treat! The curried cauliflower knocked my socks off!



Don’t be scared of this one – the peppers aren’t crazy-spicy. And the cheese/corn mix is great!



The meat was so tender! And the sauce…this amazing mix of sweet heat and sesame savoriness.



Definitely in my Top 3 “All Time Favorite” Shrimp and Grits experiences. So smooth and creamy!



Seriously…this salad was pretty much all my favorite things on one plate. Fresh and meaty with a great flavor. Another win as far as I was concerned. The mango chunks were a happy surprise!



A favorite of both me and my mom, the tacos were scrumptious. There was a good mix of fresh and savory, and then there were additional options – you could add the corn/beans and hot sauce.



Mom and I can’t every remember having Halibut. This was a great dish – if I had had the room in my belly, I would have focused on this one (and probably licked the plate). Instead I had a few bites, and sent it home with Mom, so that Dad could have a chance to try it too (we didn’t think he had ever tried Halibut either).



Seriously, my mouth is watering just thinking about the scallops…which, let me be honest, isn’t usually my thing. Why?! I don’t really know. But, these were magic. The flavor and texture…MOUTH WATERING…and yes, I kept the leftovers to eat the next day (and they were delicious then too).



This plate came out and I thought it was just so beautiful. I didn’t want to mess it up, the lamb was positioned “just so.” And the sauce…which I stuck my finger in before picking up my fork (where are my manners, right?!) was so savory and rich. Perfect with the potatoes and veggies.

And then, it was time for dessert.

How could anyone still have room for dessert, you wonder. I get you. Promise. It was my belly on the line, remember?

First of all, for a meal experience like this, I was committed to trying everything. But that meant only a bite or two of each plate…which in some cases (like those Scallops or Halibut) was killer.

But, I had my eyes on the prize…dessert.

And I love the way that Seasons 52 handles the sweet side of the meal by offering Mini Indulgences.

4 to 6 bites (depending on the size of your bite) of #yummygoodness to satisfy your sweet tooth (or sweet teeth, as the case may be).

I chose the Savory Cheesecake, which to be really honest was like having a dessert and a cheese plate all in one. Creamy, rich and this fun balance sweet and savory.

Mom chose the Raspberry Chocolate Chip Cannoli – and let’s just say, it was a good thing I got my taste in when I did!



Mother’s Day at Seasons 52

Want to get in on the fun and #yummygoodness?

If you don’t already have plans for Mom’s Day, consider heading to Seasons 52 with mom. They’re offering a special Mother’s Day Brunch Menu that will be available on Sunday from 10am to 1pm.

I’ve seen the menu and it looks amazing! You can learn more about it on their website and get your reservation booked.

And yes, you can bring the whole family. Seasons 52 encourages you to bring everyone to join in the celebration, and has special seating available for groups. Just call ahead to reserve the space!