I confronted him that night.

I was feeling brave. I had baked cookies and saved some of the extras for him. I was also feeling brave, because I was heading out for the evening. I wouldn’t have to feel his agitated passive aggression if he took it the wrong way.

Uh, this morning was definitely weird. What happened? I couldn’t even believe that the kid came to get me…and it was so late. Were you pissed off at me or something?

He looked at me like a kid who knew that a scolding was coming, but had a trump in his back pocket.

Yea. We all slept late this morning. Crazy wasn’t it?! I just didn’t have time to deal with him this morning. I had to get to school because there was a special meeting. Two of our students were involved in a car wreck over the weekend and died. So, I didn’t have time to get him up and ready, and make it to the meeting on time.

I was stunned.
Definitely sorry for the school community.
Happy to have an answer as to why he’d left me high and dry.
Confounded at his ability to just abandon any of the responsibility for his kid…he surely could have knocked on my door on his way out of the house. My room is just down the hall. I can’t imagine that ten feet would have made much a difference. I felt my face flush. I did my best to keep my voice even and light:

Next time could you call me?
It would have been nice for you to let me know why you just ran out without taking him to school. I thought you were pissed off and I was really angry about not knowing what the heck was going on this morning.

He answered nonchalantly. Uh, yea.


I was proud of myself for conveying my negative feelings without going overboard (since clearly I had aired all that out in my mind and on the blog) and asking him – nicely – to adjust his tactic a little next time. Sometimes, I wonder…is this just a guy thing; or is it an ex husband thing?

I escaped out the door with my Valentine’s gift in hand. I was headed my psuedo-boyfriend’s house for dinner and a movie (a good friend who plays romance with me from time to time). And even though that whole situation is its own crazy mess, I was thrilled about the theater of Valentine’s day and feeling loved and appreciated. Maybe since its a different kind of crazy, I feel like it’s a breath of fresh air.

Who knows?!
It was a lovely dinner that I didn’t have to make.
(There. Now I am being practical.)