We have a long, uneasy history when it comes to haircuts for the kid.

His sensory sensitivity used to be off-the-charts severe, and we lived through some really rough moments – the kind of things that nightmares are made of, and mostly because I didn’t understand how to ease him into the experience a little at a time.

I’ve learned a lot on this journey of parenting autism and life with the kid.

Thankfully, his sensitivity decreased just about when my heart to do the job was running on empty.

The first time we visited the Great Clips in Mebane, we literally walked in, put our names on the list, he sat down in someone’s chair – and that was it. He had reached his limited. He wasn’t ready.

And though I struggled with my own feelings of embarrassment (who walks in and then walks out?!), I knew that if he wasn’t ready…it was better to walk out then to force the issue. Better for him, for the staff, for the other customers – and yes, for me too.

So, I took a deep breath, swallowed my pride (which he makes me do A LOT) and transitioned to the next thing. I did – at that time – give a shout out to the location online. Their patience and kindness was much appreciated, and I know helped me feel encouraged to try again.

With small exposures over time…and a killer team of kind hearts, he was able to overcome.

Now, he walks in like a boss, communicates his style preferences* and lets the stylist know if he’s uncomfortable without having a meltdown.

*It should also be noted that he holds a fondness for the Mohawk thanks to a super cool guy who showed him kindness and acceptance. Isn’t it amazing how we can positively impact one another?