I was recently invited to act as a Social Media Correspondent at this year’s Triad Goodwill Rock the Runway event. Knowing that it’s a great opportunity for me and being over-the-moon delighted about being asked, I – of course – accepted.

I met with one of the Event Coordinators (an old school buddy and someone I’ve had the great pleasure of working with the in web industry before…*ehem* sometimes, it’s definitely the people you know) on Friday to learn more about the event, take a tour of Triad Goodwill’s Corporate Headquarters and learn more about their impact in the local community.

You know how getting the call that unexpected company is coming over transforms you into a cleaning wizard, and you magically zap dust bunnies into non-existence?

(It’s really amazing what can get done 20 minutes before the doorbell rings.)

Well, that’s pretty much what’s happening for me. Except I’m dealing with my digital home.

I’ve been so focused on other online platforms for the last…well, long time, that I haven’t really done a great job keeping up with my own. And well, I can’t pretend to be worth my social media salt at the event if I don’t have a decent stage set up from which to share awesome tidbits. So, I am zapping dust bunnies – and starting with my überblog.

I knew that as 2013 gave way to 2014 I would be focused on getting my act together. I’ve had too many years in a row of weirdness, falling behind and setting my dreams on the shelf to deal with whatever craziness was right in front of me. But I didn’t really expect to have such a strong incentive to get my act together quickly.

This event doesn’t just challenge me to get my web presence tidy, it also reminds me that my body could use some time in the gym – and, oh yea, I haven’t worn anything other than jeans, t-shirts and sweaters in a ‘coon’s age.

Fashion isn’t really my thing.

(Which makes this whole thing even more fun.)

But I at least know that I can’t attend a super snazzy event in my regular duds. Ugh. I might have to go shopping.