As the feelings swell within me and as the tears glisten my eyes, I realize – maybe THIS is the word I’ve been waiting for —

Sometimes, what you find in the sand is your heart.

I was trying to be clever – and quick. The words tumbled out as the caption I needed for a picture I was posting to Instagram…and when they were out, they squeezed my heart, and their message announced, “Here I am!” in a delighted, assuring whisper.

She told me she would pray for me…for God to reveal something big while I was at the beach. We share a fondness of the beach, and feel a closer-ness to God at the place where the waves crash onto the shore.

I didn’t notice anything life-changing.

And I was worried I was going to let them both down – this lovely lady and God.

I was worried I was too distracted.

Totally in the moment. Appreciating the sun, sand and surf. Just being. No fighting. No tension. And really, no pressure. Enjoying heartfelt discussion – and silence – with my friend.

I found a shell. It glittered in the sunlight. Iridescent. But only parts of it.

I don’t know if maybe it was all iridescent, and time has worn the rest away.

I didn’t think…Oh, what a shame it isn’t completely iridescent.

My thought was…how beautiful.

Shine and color enough to capture my imagination – enough to compel me to pick it up and hold it in my hand with consideration.

Let your light shine.

I remember a flash of admiration tinged with just a bit of envy.

I want to shine and sparkle with all the colors the sunlight will draw from me. I want to compel the hearts, minds – actions – of others towards beauty and goodness.

And even if my heart used to be all shine that is now worn away with time and experience – the force of waves crashing over me again and again – I want every little bit of that sparkle to be used for good. To speak life, light and love.

Maybe this was THE word; maybe it was just A word.

I might have been too distracted to hear it on that day, but I wouldn’t trade those moments – or my activity and focus – for anything.

A time for every thing under the sun.