This afternoon, I was cleaning up a pile of mail that had been left on the dining room table. It was important to me to at least access the table surface for things like…homework time and dinner space. I had some piles going:

  1. magazines
  2. big envelopes (8×11 or larger)
  3. regular envelopes unopened
  4. envelopes opened
  5. junk mail

Anything with the ex’s name on it I didn’t bother to look at too closely. I didn’t really ask permission to crawl through his mail. I was planning to hide behind the fact that I needed at least one clean surface in the house…just one. But anything with my name…or my kid’s name, I most certainly paid attention to that. And there was a fair share of our names on items…the pile had been accumulating since 2010 (I’m not exaggerating. There are dates on things that come in the mail). I found a couple of things with the little man’s name on it, still unopened. Like this picture – it’s a Happy 6th Birthday card that was never opened. My kid’s birthday is in May. It just doesn’t seem the kind of thing you never open…bills, past due notices…sure – that’s understandable.

But a birthday card from the kid’s great-grandmother? Why wouldn’t you honor that by at least opening the envelope?

happy 6th