When you’re invited to try the new lunch menu options at Brixx Pizza Bradford, you say YES!

You call your fellow NC blogger (2pawsDesigns), put on a dress and head out with an appetite!

And…was it coincidence that the day we went was their NC Draft Beer special?!

I’d like to think that was just a gift from the Universe.

Much thanks to Brixx Pizza Bradford for inviting me and a guest to explore their menu.

This was a hosted lunch, which means that everything but the alcohol was on the house.

And we brought the house down…

No. Not really. But we DID have a great catch-up session during lunch, which featured some DE-licious food. And I wouldn’t just say so because it was free…

But y’all know that.

Bradford Neighborhood Brixx Pizza

Brixx Pizza is a part of the Bradford neighborhood.Brixx Pizza is located in the Bradford neighborhood in Cary, North Carolina.

The Bradford neighborhood is a group of luxury apartments and townhomes near RTP, RDU airport, I-40 and NC-540 – making it pretty much in the middle of everything.

Which means, getting out for lunch with your gal pal is pretty easy.

And the Brixx Team is sensitive to making sure that you get in, get a happy-full belly, and get back out in plenty of time to get back to work.

NOTE: That might NOT have applied to OUR lunch schedule, but that wasn’t THEIR fault.


Time for Lunch

It had been WAY TOO LONG since I had gotten the chance to see Sarah and I knew that she worked in the area. It made sense to me to connect with her and invite her to be my guest.

Note: Sarah writes at 2pawsDesigns.

It was a beautiful day and the Brixx Pizza at Bradford offers a generous amount of outdoor seating, but it was also a very hot summer day, and we both opted for conditioned air.

Instead, we sat right next to the bar…so that I could get a good look at the draft menu.

I definitely appreciated their effort to pull in several NC beer options – and though my first choice wasn’t available (gotta get those good brews when their fresh), I ended up with a Honey Wheat from Gizmo Brew Works that was awesome!

Check out the details from my Facebook Live Video.

Sarah and I had a fun time reviewing the menu options. There’s a lot of variety, which means there’s something for everyone in your group (even the picky eaters).

We started with the Bruschetta.

As stated on the menu: It features marinated roma and sundried tomatoes topped with fresh house-made mozzarella served over toasted focaccia toast and drizzled with balsamic glaze.

Y’all. That glaze?!
I just wanted a jar of it to take home.
Seriously. That good.

Sarah ordered the Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich…and a very healthy side of fresh fruit. Apparently, the Pesto Chicken Salad is a popular choice. I thought it looked rather tasty.

But, I wanted to give their new Lunch Special a try. Available M-F from 11am to 3pm, you can get a pizzetta (larger than their Junior pizza but smaller than a regular sized) and a half salad for $8.

I went for the Chicken Florentine pizza (hand-pulled, wood-roasted chicken, crumbled bacon, Roma tomatoes, spinach, feta & Mozzarella on an olive oil base) and the Arugula & Pear salad (Arugula topped with Asian pears, candied pecans, Gorgonzola & sundried cranberries with honey herb vinaigrette).

It was a very happy plate when I was done.

Your Neighborhood HangOut Spot

Just a quick additional thought – something I noted about this Brixx Pizza location.

Some establishments are a part of a neighborhood because of where their building is, and others are a part because of how they connect.

I really felt like these guys were making an effort to connect.

There was kid’s art on the walls. Signs about Weekly Trivia dates. A semi-private room area, if you wanted to get your team together for a night out. And – I already mentioned it – but lots of outdoor seating to take advantage of on nice days as you’re walking through the streets of Bradford.

It’s definitely a place you can head out, grab some grub and feel at home.

Two very happy NC bloggers with happy bellies.Time for Dessert

Wait! What?!

Time for dessert, you say?

How could we even?

Oh, I am here to tell you we FOUND the room. We made it happen. And it was good!

Our server recommended the S’mores Dessert Pizza, and it was gooey and chocolatey – and all the things you want from a good s’more.

I did note – for future reference – that there’s a Salted Caramel Crunch Cookie Pie on the dessert menu as well.

I know a little guy that would be over-the-moon for something like that.
Needless to say, we’ll be heading back to give it a try.