We’re celebrating the completion of a Chart of Awesomeness, and starting a new one.

To get a sticker, he has to be awesome. Not just good or great, but freakin’ awesome. Rarely prompted, thought sometimes a little push puts him back on course, and we celebrate with a sticker.

I thought we were done with sticker charts, but in late 2015, we spent some time with a local OT (occupational therapist) who mentioned that having some kind of visual positive reinforcement option would help us move past a serious behavior hump that we were dealing with and working through.

(We later found out that the behavior hump was rooted in a bullying issue that was ongoing at school, but that’s another post for another time.)

So, I created the Chart of Awesomeness.

As you can see I don’t spend a lot of time on design. And the plan is simple: be awesome, and get a sticker. Get 15 stickers and I’ll buy him a new game.

In this version of positive reinforcement via sticker chart, I wanted the prize to make a big impact. Something that he would really want to work towards, to reach for, to celebrate.

Because each sticker requires awesomeness, they don’t get doled out on a daily or even weekly basis…which means, I need to keep him interested.

It gets leveraged to honor positive behavior in all areas of life, home and school – and definitely causes delight, when **BAM** out of the blue, I tell him, “Go put a sticker on your chart. You are awesome!”

I ALWAYS explain why he’s getting a sticker. He needs to know what he’s doing right…so he knows to do it more.

And I definitely keep the chart in a VERY VISIBLE area so that it serves as a reminder for both of us to keep our eyes open for opportunities to celebrate awesomeness.

What about you? Does your family have a chart that celebrates positive behavior?