Today, I had the opportunity to support the I Am A Queen’s Fatherless Daughter Community Forum. I’ve been looking forward to it so much! During the event, I managed their Twitter account to provide real-time engagement to highlight the amazing speakers and inspirational (and challenging) content being shared.

Their goal was to bring together fathers to empower, enlighten and encourage young Queens about their worth by sharing wisdom and guidance. And, WOW! It was an amazing experience with questions and comments coming from both the audience in the theater and as well as the Twitter community.

The conversation flowed with passion and purpose. Tucked away in the sound booth, so that I could keep an eye on the speakers as well as the projector which had the TweetDeck feed on display, I typed furiously on my laptop and took notes as the conversation evolved. It was a very quick 2 hours.

I would encourage you to follow @IAmAQueenNC as the conversation will, no doubt, continue. There’s already talks about when the next Fatherless Daughter Community Forum will take place, and you’re not going to want to miss it. Search for the hashtag #fatherlessdaughters to follow up on the discussion.

You can also download the “Letters to My Daughter” book created by I Am A Queen in honor of the event. Each attendee of the forum received a hard copy, but it is available online as a FREE digital copy. This book is a compilation of letters from fathers empowering their daughters and offering guidance and wisdom to young Queens, after a comprehension introduction from Alana V. Allen, the organization’s Founder and Executive Director.

I Am A Queen is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that focuses on empowering women to embrace the Queen on the inside and encourages others to give back abundantly.

"Letters to My Daughter"

A book project dedicated to young Queens.

Everytime a girl says, “I AM A QUEEN,” she breaks chains of rejection, defeat and pain off her life.

Alana V. Allen

Founder and Executive Director, I Am A Queen


The mission of I Am A Queen is to uphold women in a high standard in their community. To educate and provide services that can change lives. To always be a blessing to others by providing charitable deeds.


The purpose of I Am a Queen is to unify and educate women about being precious jewels to this world. Women will gain confidences through beauty, finances, health, and professional development. Every woman must learn that they are assigned to be a blessing to others.