Today I launched my first ever Kickstarter project.

And I am excited, but honestly, my stomach is in knots. It could be that I pigged out on Chinese food tonight, but I really think it’s the combination of rich foods and nerves. I’m really nervous about this development. Why? Because this is really a “make or break” for me and my investment in the Love Letters project.

I’ve had a wonderful year focusing on it as a larger project – creating and maintaining the online community, using the platform to learn about publishing and putting the first two volumes out.

And in some respects, I’d really like it to be a bread and butter kind of project for me – it would be great if an established publishing company considered using it as an ongoing project…it could help provide a living while I work to develop the other projects I have slated.

I really enjoy social media, but I don’t always want to have to do it. It’s time consuming – and I would rather write and invest time in my son (and maybe other family members) than babysit social media platforms that aren’t my own for an ongoing foreseeable amount of time. That’s the “dream dream scenario” of course. I have no idea what God has in mind – I know that this project was ordained; I know that there have been brilliant moments within its development; I know that He’s provided moments of clear direction of forward movement — but I don’t really know what to expect in this moment.

This is definitely a moment of transition – from one thing to another.
No wonder my stomach is churning.