Love meeting friends at The Blend & co., one of the awesome spots for great beverage and tasty-nibbles in downtown Burlington.

This morning was no exception.

Not a sponsored post.

Consider this blog a PSA.

Because, if you like a little heat in your life, you should know about a couple of things available on their menu.

Pictured above is the Killer Bee latte, a delightful mix of espresso, milk (of course) and then honey, cinnamon and cayenne pepper (in my cup – which, by the way, you get a discount when you bring your own cup).

I learned about this a few months ago, when I was hemming-and-hawing over the Mexican Mocha they have listed on the main menu. I don’t really like chocolate and espresso together…unless we’re talking about a chocolate covered espresso bean. Then, I’m all-in! I was offered a Killer Bee as an alternative…adding honey along with awesome spices to magic beans?!

Ah. Yes, please!

I loved getting a look at their Fall Menu (you can check it out on my Facebook Page post), and did a little jig when I saw my new fave sweet and spicy latte…in black and white, looking all official on their laminated menu card at the counter.

They’re also adverting items like a Rosemary Brown Sugar latte and a Candy Apple Affogato.

And while I am used to their Smoothie Bowls and Chia Pudding options, I had NO IDEA they also offered items like Avocado Toast!

A fellow partaker had this tasty-delight with his morning coffee. It was Avocado Toast with hummus, chia seeds and (extra) cayenne.

Truly, that might have been a little too spicy for me, this morning (or any, for that matter), but it did look good, and he certainly enjoyed it.

So, have you been to The Blend & co. lately?

If you’re looking to shake things up and try something new this season, I would definitely recommend it!