Love is sometimes about doing what you aren’t really in the mood to do. You could replace the word “love” in the last sentence with parenting. Although, just maybe, parenting requires us to do a lot of things we aren’t really in the mood to do.

Today that meant that I took the kid to the water park. Not that I’m not a big fan of a great splash or two, but it was the kind of day that I would have rather stayed in bed late and pittled around. Too tired from the week and from letting too many things take precedence, I didn’t have energy for anything – never mind trekking to the water park with a tireless 8 year old boy.

But I remember broken promises from too tired guardians from around 1st and 2nd grade – and I don’t want to continue that legacy now that it’s my turn to be the guardian.

So, to the water park it was…and I survived to tell the tale. And the kid is satisfied in knowing that his mom keeps her word.