I stopped by my local drug store to pick up a card.

Nothing like the last minute to find the perfect message for my friends on the occasion of their wedding shower.

It’s not like I haven’t known for weeks that this day was coming, that I was planning to give them moola towards their honeymoon adventure, that I would need a card!

Last minute.

With an everlasting trust that the Universe would – please, dear God – direct me to the perfect card, the perfect message for my friends (my friends who are like family…are family) – I ran into the shop, already knowing that this errand would put me behind.

Behind as in late.
Yes – late.
Late to the wedding shower I knew for weeks ahead of time would be happening at 1pm in the afternoon.

Sometimes, late and last minute is all I’ve got.
It’s really authentic and genuine…and me.

Now is a good moment to offer thanks.
I’m thankful I have really forgiving friends…ah, family members.

Back to my story…

The point is, I was standing in front of the cards at the drugstore asking for direction, to find the right card.

There are a lot of really flowery, drippy-in-love kind of cards for weddings and grooms/brides to be.

That, ah, is not really my style.

But neither is the really crass, crude humor that is often popular too.

I’m kinda in the middle.
Keen on encouragement and inspiration…without too much fuss.

I’ll be honest – the bright pink caught my attention first. Everything else was white and/or pastel. Muted. Birds. Doves. Wedding rings. Ribbons. This was a very pink, an IN YOUR FACE, kind of color…

I’m game. Let me see what’s inside.

And it was perfect.

My wish for them…

Keep discovering.
Keep growing.
Keep learning.
Keep loving.

We find ourselves “in love” and willing/wanting to share life with a partner, and forget that this moment, this person, this character and personality, is meant for growth. That change is inevitable. That we ourselves too will change.

Time does that.
Life does that.

Whether we’re aware and willing to participate – or not.

I think one of the best gifts we could give each other is room to grow; grace for the unexpected, for mistakes that are bound to happen with the constant “trial and error” ahead; engagement beyond the “events,” active participation in the mundane (the day-to-day that ends up shaping us one way or another); eager anticipation to discover each other – every day, until death do us part.